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Re: Get Cygwin home directory path for current user

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 4:32 PM Vince Rice wrote:

> I didn't suggest everyone did. But people who want tilde expansion do, because it's
> the shell that is responsible for tilde expansion.
> ...
> No, it isn't "oddly" absent. As has been said repeatedly in this thread, tilde expansion
> is the responsibility of the shell. Cygwin has nothing to do with it. The *shell* does
> it.
> ...
> Because, repeat after me, IT'S THE SHELL THAT DOES THE EXPANSION!

(?) I understand that the shell does ~ expansion. I am asking for a
way to get that particular path (forget about the ~ character for the
time being) without needing to invoke a Cygwin shell in the first
place. (That was the whole point of the request.)



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