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Re: Errors creating new 32-bit Cygwin installation

Greetings, Adam Dinwoodie!

> I'm trying to create a new 32-bit Cygwin installation, but the
> installation is failing. I'm getting errors during the postinstall
> script phase, starting MinTTY reports forking errors, and attempting
> to rebase in ash fails with "fork: can't reserve memory for parent
> stack" errors.

> My best guess is that this is characteristic of the installation being
> too big for 32-bit Cygwin, but I'm not confident of how to confirm
> whether that's the problem or if there's something else going on.

If you have more than a handful packages(!) selected for 32-bit installation,
this may be the likely explanation.
If you have selected whole categories to install, this is more than likely

Start low, install base package, then add packages that you actually need.
Don't blindly install everything that is available.

(Sorry for being C.O. of the day…)

> I've attached copies of all the error messages, together with the
> stackdump files that were in the root of the installation directory,
> and a redacted cygcheck.out file gathered from a PowerShell session.
> I've not attached any setup log files, as the entire c:\cygwin\var\log
> directory was empty.

> Can anyone confirm whether this is a
> too-big-an-installation-for-32-bit problem, or give me an idea what
> else might be going wrong?

For "what else", there's always BLODA.
Haven you checked your system for anything potentially heavy-handed?

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, February 14, 2019 0:46:58

Sorry for my terrible english...