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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] TEST: Cygwin 3.0.0-0.8

On Feb 13 11:21, Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> On 2/11/19 3:28 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> > 
> > I uploaded a new Cygwin test release 3.0.0-0.8
> > Please test.
> Seems to work fine for Gentoo Prefix now, and still to run MSVC toolchain.

Thanks for testing.  I'll upload YA test release including the fix for the
account name case sensitivity issue reported in

That should (hopefully) be the last test release.  I'll try to get
3.0 out over the next weekend.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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