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Re: Posting Order

On 2/9/2019 3:02 PM, bzs@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> For the record I tend to prefer top posting.
    I only prefer it because most readers display the first
snippet of something.  I'd prefer full editing of quotes, but
if they can't do that, having the old stuff down off the bottom
of my window is most efficient as by looking at the first part
of a message I can get an idea of where the person is going and whether
to read on.

> I can scroll down if I forgot what the thread is about or never read
> it but when I do know it gives me an often useful response immediately
> at the top like "a newer version of XYZ has fixed that bug". With luck
> any context I needed is in the Subject: (XYZ crashes when...)
> I normally use Emacs/VM to read my email which may have capabilities
> which influences my preference.
    I use tBird, but most using web browsers see the top of pages
first -- I know of no web browser that auto-scrolls to the bottom of
a web page.  

While most people do use web browsers to read email these days, you'd
think they'd prefer seeing what they are used to on the web -- newer
stuff and headlines at top.  Sometimes things just take a long time to
change -- but the original reasons for doing something 1 way may
change over time -- thus behaviors can change over time.

I try to bring it up occasionally, but never to correct someone who has
done it the other way -- but only in answer to those who have gone
out of their way to try to 'correct' the other person. 

I generally don't care how people post their messages that much, BUT,
I do care more about constantly seeing some message constantly repeatedly
sent which bothers me alot more than top bottom side or backwards posting.

To Jack, before -- if those people send me soemthing with everything
trimmed -- I have a threaded reader and can look back if I need to remind
myself.  Doesn't your threaded reader thread in spite of cuts -- usually
the threading is based on hidden portions of text  in the headers.

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