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Re: Getting error message when launching X-Window apps in Cygwin

Coud you reconsider that, otherwise someone posting a README would
violate the rules, (for exampe) which has most recent changes
at the top and you can read down as far as you want, going back in

Also, like your sentence, below, you put the category of your
"PS-no top posting" with the category first, then you
respond to the category by putting in what you are talking

If a list is a conversational list where people think everyone
reads everything, then maybe chronological might be better, but
even many forums will show you the newer messages first.

If they show you the oldest ones 1st, they are usually least

For me, when I look at my lilst of messages, the most recent ones
are near the top.  Otherwise to see recent messages, I would
need to scroll over 700 messages "down" to get to the most
current messages.

But if you put the oldest stuff at the top I would see
questions about the 2.11.2-0.1 Cygwin TEST RELEASE.

and your post about "Stumbled upon relative name resolution across
symlinks", --- of note, you are also using ".." in a path, which can be

But each link in a path is resolved in its source directory as the
symbolic links are relative to where they start from.

Does that help or make sense, or should I have read through the next
700 messages to see if you found a solution to you situation.

Another thing to realize is ln -s src dest acts like copy.
The 1st path should be the one that already exists with the destination
getting the new link that would point to the pre-existing

Of course I also see the 'how to get pulse audio to work'
from Nov 02, where I asked:

Does it work for anyone?

On Win7SP1.

attached is cygcheck.out
thanks in-advance!...
but never got an answer....


But it could be very confusing if people always started at the 
beginning of their email and read downwards.

I had a support call with NCSoft's generic support folks for
Blade and Soul (they couldn't solve the problem as they only
were hired to do generic support -- not specifically for
the game).  They always want your reply and the newest stuff
at the top...but if you want to read the entire 90-page
log of the support case (over ~3 weeks), you could, but
only remembering that older stuff is below newer stuff.

I think you'll find that true for many professionals (lawyers
do it, as well as health professionals (like doctors)....etc.

That's why it is very surprising to see computer people treat
'email' as a "log" instead of like a chat w/history...

Anyway...I'm not so sure I see the benefit of starting to read
sometime in the past -- especially in the case of a 90
page support interaction.  Would you really want to read
90 pages before you started participating in a discussion?

Technical lists are not fiction books that are read for fun,
they are usually where people look to see if something 
applies by reading the first paragraph or two -- which wouldn't
be the most recent stuff, by far.


On 2/9/2019 5:36 AM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> P.S.
> No top posting in this list, please.

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