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Re: perl -- classic?

L A Walsh writes:
> I can't get many cpan things to work with current perl.

Then these are unlikely to work with an older perl as well.

> Things like
> Term::Size::chars no longer works as it says chars isn't exported.
> but it is 'EXPORT_OK', and it used to work.

Import it into your namespace?

use Term::Size qw( chars )

> Too many things break on cpan on new perls....seems like building CPAN
> should be part of the perl test suite or if they won't fix a module in
> CPAN or won't fix perl to keep a compatibility mode then the module
> gets kicked out of CPAN -- and Perl doesn't get released until all
> modules remaining in CPAN work.

Actually, CPAN is constantly tested against all Perl versions on a lot
of platforms.  Everything available in Cygwin beyond the core modules
_is_ from CPAN and I have no problems whatsoever building those.  I
build another 200 modules @work and the only module that needs patching
is one that hasn't been updated in the last 12 or so years and it's a
trivial patch.

> Meanwhile....we had a 5.18 for a while, and that worked...but the new stuff.
> I can't pull new versions from CPAN and expect anything to work...

You are way behind the curve.  If you insist on doing that you'll have
to maintain your own perl installation for Cygwin.

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