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Re: perl -- classic?

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 2:33 PM L A Walsh wrote:
> Things like
> Term::Size::chars no longer works as it says chars isn't exported.
> but it is 'EXPORT_OK', and it used to work.

Remember that EXPORT_OK means that you can ask for it to be exported,
but it's not by default.  I just tried out CPAN 2.22 with perl 5.26.3
and ran a CPAN "install Term::Size" and the result worked fine:

perl -we 'use Term::Size "chars"; print join("\n",  chars), "\n";'
perl -we 'use Term::Size; print join("\n",  Term::Size::chars), "\n";'

I haven't seen any issues in the various CPAN modules that I added to my setup.


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