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perl -- classic?

Can we have an older perl, say, perl-5.0.16?  works for my stuff mostly

I can't get many cpan things to work with current perl.

Things like
Term::Size::chars no longer works as it says chars isn't exported.
but it is 'EXPORT_OK', and it used to work.

Too many things break on cpan on new perls....seems like
building CPAN should be part of the perl test suite or if
they won't fix a module in CPAN or won't fix perl to keep a compatibility
mode then the module gets kicked out of CPAN --
and Perl doesn't get released until all modules remaining in CPAN

Meanwhile....we had a 5.18 for a while, and that worked...but the new stuff.
I can't pull new versions from CPAN and expect anything to work...

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