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Re: HEADSUP: SSHD service rename

On 28/01/2019 09:00, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Since Microsoft decided to name their own sshd service "sshd", too, we
don't have much choice than to rename our service after 16+ years.


My patch has been accepted upstream so starting with OpenSSH 8.0, newly
installed Cygwin sshd services will be called "cygsshd" by default,
unless Microsoft renames their service yet :}

Of course, systems with already installed Cygwin sshd service will keep
the service name, even after an update to OpenSSH 8.0.

As some people (including myself) already experienced, an update of your
W10 system to 1809 may break your sshd service.  The OS update
apparently overwrites an existing sshd service with its own sshd service
without asking.  You can just remove the Windows sshd with

   $ cygrunsrv -R sshd

and reinstall Cygwin sshd, or you reinstall Cygwin sshd under another name:

   $ ssh-host-config -n cygsshd   (pre OpenSSH 8.0)
   $ ssh-host-config              (OpenSSH 8.0 or later)

Sorry for the hassle,
Thanks for the heads up its a real pain MS did that, caused me issues a few times.

Also watch out for broken firewall rules after this change.


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