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Re: plantuml in emacs org-mode - Help!

On 1/27/2019 1:08 PM, Rob Torop wrote:
> I can't get embedded plantuml to work, and I'm *sure* it's a windows path
> kind of problem because I get
>       *Could not find plantuml.jar at c:\cygwin64\home\  ....* *(see below
> for path)*
> I can see where this arises in the source, and I'm sure I just need to
> change a few variables to have it work.  If you know how to do it, please
> let me know! What's odd is that the source seems to check the validity of
> the jar path only if system-type is not cygwin :-(
> Specifically, I want to have something like
> *#+begin_src plantuml :file blah.png *
> *a->b*
> *#+end_src*
> and then export to html using C-c  C-e h h (or show inline with C-c C-c)
> In my .emacs, I  added *(plantuml . t)* to my list of babel languages to
> load, and I've got
> *(setq  org-plantuml-jar-path
> "c:\\cygwin64\\home\\myid\lib\\plantuml.1.2018.8.jar")*
> since when using cygwin, the jar is at ~/lib/plantuml.1.2018.8.jar

I think you'd be better off using a Posix path for org-plantuml-jar-path so that 
(file-exists-p org-plantuml-jar-path) will find the file.  Then, since java is a 
Windows program, you'd have to patch the elisp sources to convert the Posix path 
to a Windows path (via 'cygpath -w') in the call to java.

I can probably do this at some point and send the patch upstream, but I'm busy 
with other things at the moment and won't be able to get to it for a while.