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plantuml in emacs org-mode - Help!

I can't get embedded plantuml to work, and I'm *sure* it's a windows path
kind of problem because I get

     *Could not find plantuml.jar at c:\cygwin64\home\  ....* *(see below
for path)*

I can see where this arises in the source, and I'm sure I just need to
change a few variables to have it work.  If you know how to do it, please
let me know! What's odd is that the source seems to check the validity of
the jar path only if system-type is not cygwin :-(

Specifically, I want to have something like

*#+begin_src plantuml :file blah.png *

and then export to html using C-c  C-e h h (or show inline with C-c C-c)

In my .emacs, I  added *(plantuml . t)* to my list of babel languages to
load, and I've got

*(setq  org-plantuml-jar-path

since when using cygwin, the jar is at ~/lib/plantuml.1.2018.8.jar

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