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Re: Problem - Possibly Cygwin

On 1/25/2019 8:29 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
Am 25.01.2019 um 14:24 schrieb Mitch Rosefelt:
Hi All:
I've run into a problem in which cygwin is part of the error message.
I don't know that cygwin is part of the problem, but I'm having great difficulty figuring this out, so I'm posting it here with the hope that someone will know the fix.
Thanks much.

After installing react-devtools <https://github.com/facebook/react-devtools/tree/master/packages/react-devtools> into my Node JS environment, I am no longer able to run expo-cli. Everything was working fine until I did that. I’m now getting the error below. In addition to not being able to run expo, my Powershell permissions were also changed to "restricted" (fixed). I even restored my registry to the previous day in an effort to fix this.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled node and yarn.

The error indicates Cygwin, which I don't have installed on my computer (does not show up in a registry search), however, searching my computer, I see that Cygwin was installed with Git:C:\Program Files\Git\usr\share\cygwin
C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\cygwin-console-helper.exe
C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin\lldb\lib\distutils\cygwinccompiler.py
C:\Program Files\Git\usr\lib\perlS\core_per|\File\Spec\cygwin.pm
C:\Program Files\Git\usr\share\cygwin\cygwin.ldif
C:\Program Files\Git\usr\share\tern1info\63\cygwin
C:\Program Files\Git\usr\lib\terminf0\63\cygwin

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

have you tried with a clean PATH for every application ?

I don't think that will help. The expo.ps1 is using a shell expression and the interpreter isn't liking the syntax. It's trying to determine if Cygwin is installed and if it is get a Windows path for the basedir variable. It chokes on the ')' in the structure of the comparison. That error doesn't indicate Cygwin is installed or found. You'll have to ask the expo vendor.

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