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Am 20.12.2018 um 10:41 schrieb a dreyfus:
       7 [main] hdparm 16036 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD po
inter.  Please report this problem to
the public mailing list cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx
hda: Permission denied
  Note that changes made to the advanced power management scheme will be active
only for the period of current Windows session.
  If computer is put on sleep or hybernation APM value will be reverted back
to drive's factory default settings.
  That is why remember to run this command again from the Start menu entry
on computer wake up.

Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10

Dear Dreyfus

the warning is unreleated to the hda permission system,
of the software you are using; of which I have no clue as
you have not reported.

The software is using an obsolete version of cygwin1.dll


Please advise whoever is distributing to upgrade


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