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Re: Report a Gale 2.01 problem

Am 19.12.2018 um 02:11 schrieb Shi-Chao Li:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Sorry to bother you with such an abrupt email. I am Li shichao from Jilin University, China,
>> I write this mail to report a problem to you. When I run Gale-2_0_1
on my Windows 10, I got the following error message:

      1 [main] Gale-2_0_1 18232 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer.

Could you please tell me how to fix it. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

Shichao Li

Dear Shichao,

the software you are using has embedded an old version of cygwin1.dll


Please ask whoever distribute it to upgrade to a recente one.
Any way, it is only a warning not an error.


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