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RE: grep 3.0-2 not stripping CRs on Windows

Dear Ondrej,

> # Use —text —> finds the text OK

Afaik -a / --text only suppresses this behavior (from man grep):

             ... when grep discovers that a file is binary  it  suppresses  any  further
              output,  and instead outputs either a one-line message saying that a binary file matches, or no message
              if there is no match.

It does not influence if the file is opened as text or binary file. I agree that the documentation to -U in man grep explicitly says that if a file is a text file, CRs are stripped, so that is a documentation bug. This should be updated (as Corinna already suggested).

I still think that it would also make sense to:

- have for grep, sed and awk at least an option to strip CRs
- have an environment variable to make this option default

But otherwise I must admit that handling scripts intended for Unix works very well with Cygwin so the decision made appear to be good decisions, even if they are sometimes not what one wants.

Best regards,


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