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Re: symbolic links on Paragon Linux File systems

On Dec 17 08:11, Simon Liesenfeld via cygwin wrote:
> Hi all
> There is a commercial ext3-4 file system driver for windowsLinux File
> Systems für Windows | Paragon Softwarewhich enable Windows to read an
> write on native ext3-4 volumes.In General cygwin works perfectly on
> such volumes,even named pipes work,
> but Cygwin programs do not interprete those links correctly,which are
> created on such volumes.whilst symbolic links on native NTFS drives
> referring files on such volumeswork perfectly.
> $pwd/cygdrive/e
> $ echo hallo > source
> $ ln -s source sl
> $ cat sl
> !<symlink>▒▒source

Yes, we can't do that without special knowledge of the FS.  The default
symlinks on Cygwin are only evaluated correctly if the DOS SYSTEM
attribute is set.  The ext4 driver can't do that, obviously.

Are the native symlinks on an ext4 FS converted to NTFS symlinks
on the fly by the driver?  Are they visible as symlinks in Windows
or Cygwin?

If so, you could try setting the environment variable CYGWIN to contain
"winsymlinks:native".  This creates native Windows symlinks rather than
the special Cygwin POSIX symlinks.  If the driver is handling this
correctly, it should transparently convert them to ext4 symlinks and
they should just work.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer

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