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Re: /dev/fd/N not synonymous with file descriptor N; it is on Linux

On 2018-12-16 22:55, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

I'm mulling over adding some hack to open().  It could try to recognize
the special case of opening a processes' own descriptor symlink within
/proc and then warp the open() call into dup().  No idea how tricky
or even feasible that is, though...

That is why I wrote the following in my STC:

// Q: does Cygwin attempt to read the /tmp directory? (an attempt that
        //    will fail, because the file has been unlinked)
// it appears that reading a symlnk in /dev/fd can best be diverted to
        // the open file descriptor of the process ...

What I meant was, that I see no reason to modify the symlink in this
special case, but in stead of that to access the file using fd N, where
N is equal to the one in /dev/fd/N.

File descriptor N has been left open by bash and should not have been
closed as result of the exec ...

And indeed, I have _no_ clue if the above is feasible (and tricky?) in
Cygwin; otherwise I would have posted a solution.


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