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Re: setup 2.895 release candidate - please test

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 6:52 AM Jon Turney wrote:
> I was hoping to look at improving the 'skip' -> 'install current
> version' flow (which used to be a single click, but now requires you to
> pick the latest non-test version)

That's a nice idea for a future change. I'd suggest making it where
you can click on the "bin?" checkbox and have it switch from "Skip" to
the latest version. It already cycles between a few values (such as
Uninstall and Reinstall, depending on the state of the package) but it
will not return the drop-down back to "Skip" for an installed package,
nor will it return back to the new version number on a pending update
(when pressing the checkbox multiple times).

One other suggestion I'd love to see would be to group the uninstall &
install lines in the list of upcoming actions into a single line, so
that instead of the user thinking that a package is going away (e.g.
in a really long list of uninstall lines) it says something like
"Updating FOO from VER1 to VER2".  As an alternative, if the uninstall
line said "(for an update)" instead of "(automatically added)" that
would have less potential for confusion.


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