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Re: setup 2.895 release candidate - please test

On 06/12/2018 09:12, Marco Atzeri wrote:
Am 21.10.2018 um 18:12 schrieb Jon Turney:

A new setup release candidate is available at:

   https://cygwin.com/setup/setup-2.895.x86_64.exe (64 bit version)
   https://cygwin.com/setup/setup-2.895.x86.exe   ; (32 bit version)

Please test and report any problems here.

Hey Jon,
as no one complained, is it time for deploying it ?

Thanks for the reminder.

I was hoping to look at improving the 'skip' -> 'install current version' flow (which used to be a single click, but now requires you to pick the latest non-test version), but it seems that I have no time for that, so I guess we'll go with this :)

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