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Re: MinTTY requires gdiplus.dll ? (2)

On 2018-11-29 20:58, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 29 19:41, Houder wrote:

--- Process 3112 loaded C:\Windows\System32\winmm.dll at 000007fefa040000 --- Process 3112 loaded C:\Windows\System32\winspool.drv at 000007fef9f10000
--- Process 3112, exception c0000005 at 0000000180044bb3
--- Process 3112 exited with status 0xc0000005
Segmentation fault

I can reproduce this but while it's clear *where* it happens, it's
unclear *when* and *why* it happens.

It only occurs if mintty is the first process in a process tree.  I.e.,
when starting mintty from a shell running in a DOS window, the problem

Worse, the problem also disappears when running mintty under gdb.

(I do not understand _exactly_ what you say here)

Uhm, if I invoke "gdb /usr/bin/mintty" (so, from the "Dos box") the problem
does NOT disappear.

That is:

2 threads are created ... and that is it; no MinTTY window showing up!

(hint: my system is a bit more peculiar than yours)


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