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Re: MinTTY requires gdiplus.dll ?

On 2018-11-30 09:08, Michael Wild wrote:

Dear Henri

As most things important on Windows, it is here:

Ha, ha, ha!

Yes, I am aware that the location (c:/Windows/system32) is "packed"
with all sorts of "shiny" DLL's ...

I have only a vague idea how Microsoft "solved" the DLL hell (it is
even possible that several solutions exist -- it is Microsoft).

What I mean, uptill now, I did not even know if an "GdiPlus.dll" was
mandatory in c:/Windows/system32, because there is a version of this
file in the "SxS" location.

One of my previous posts shows the output of strace (trying to start
MinTTY from a "Dos box" ...)

Although comctl32.dll is present in c:/Windows/system32, the file in
the "SxS" location is "loaded", not the file available in the former.

So, to me, any option was open.

Now I know, there should be an "GdiPlus.dll" in "system32".

Alas, I have no idea how to recover it (and neither does Microsoft).



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