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Re: MinTTY requires gdiplus.dll ?

On 2018-11-29 20:53, Michael Wild wrote:
On Thu, 29 Nov 2018, 19:14 Houder <houder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Apparently MinTTY requires this DLL.

Q: Should my system (Windows 7) have this DLL? (Is it present
    on your system?)


GDI+ is a graphics and font rendering engine that has been part of Windows
since XP. No surprise there.



Let us start at the beginning ...

What is the location of the gdiplus.dll on your system?

Do you have Windows 7?

I cannot find gdiplus.dll on my system. Yes, I do not know what it is used
for ... but that is irrelevant.
(if Thomas Wolff thinks I should have it, that is fine with me :-)

I invoked: sfc /scannow from a "Dos box", and it basically reported "All is

So if gdiplus.dll is supposed to be present on Windows 7, it is, from _my_
point of view, an useless tool.

That why I asked: is it present on your system ?????



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