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latest lighttpd (1.4.45) not working on Windows 10 Home Edition

Id like to share that the latest Cygwin lighttpd package does not work 
for me on Windows 10 Home Edition. Neither 32-bit nor 64-bit package. I 
had the chance to test it on both architectures because when I first ran 
into this problem I was running Windows 10 32-bit on this AMD64 PC, but 
later on I did a fresh install of Windows 10 64-bit; the reason for the 
architecture mismatch was that PC vendor sold AMD64 PCs with Windows 7 
Starter Edition (which was 32-bit only IIRC).
Back to lighttpd: the previous version (1.4.41) does run OK with the 
same config files.
I suspected the newer lighttpd might have been somehow incompatible with 
v 1.4.41 config files, but I have another machine with Windows 7 64-bit 
and v 1.4.45 does run OK with similar config files.
The error is non verbose: when I try to load any web page (static or 
PHP) the browser just remains *loading* for a long time and later ends 
with a timeout error page, whereas the previous lighttpd binary just 
loads the page fast. There are no logs written in access.log error.log 
or cygrunsrv.log files.
I'm not sure, but I'd guess it's a compatibility issue with Windows 10.
I have mod_access, mod_redirect, mod_rewrite, mod_magnet, mod_proxy, 
mod_fastcgi (for PHP integration) enabled.
I tried accessing it at every ip (, lan ip and internet ip) 
where the previous version succeeds, to no avail.
The lighttpd (1.4.45) service also takes too long to stop and sometimes 
it just fails to do so.
I use latest PHP packages for both v 1.4.41 and v 1.4.45 tests.
I run Windows 10 April 2018 Update or Windows 10 version 1803.
Thanks in advance,

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