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setup-x86_64 Can't Download to Mapped Drive


I'm trying to use setup-x86_64.exe to update Cygwin.  The directory into
which Cygwin is installed is C:\cygwin.  I am trying to use a network
shared drive mapped to I: for the download directory, I:\cygwindownload.
setup-x86_64 shows a dialog box with "Directory I:\cygwindownload does not
exist, would you like me to create it?".  If I click "Yes", I get a dialog
box with "Could not create directory I:\cygwindownload, sorry.  (Is drive
full or read-only?)".  I get the same behavior even if I remove
I:\cygwindownload and have setup-x86_64.exe try to create it.

Thanks for reading.

Peace...  Sridhar

P.S.  My cygcheck.out file is too large to attach.  Let me know if you need
it, and I'll send it directly.

P.P.S.  I know it's picky, but it seems to me like the first dialog box
message is a run-on-sentence.

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