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Re: cygport fails with package starting with number

Brian Inglis writes:
> On 2018-11-07 13:15, Achim Gratz wrote:
>> Marco Atzeri writes:
>>> It seems that the behaviour of cygport is changed recently
>>> and rebuilding the 4ti2 package fails on the name 4ti2.
>> Introduced by a3997ae7ac, which constructs a variable whose name starts
>> with the package name.  However, a leading number does not result in a
>> valid identifier.  So if such package names must be supported then the
>> substitution made earlier (replacing invalid characters from the name by
>> an underscore) also needs to handle that particular case.  So something
>> like
>>                 local dbg_contents_var=${PN//[-+\.]/_}_debuginfo_CONTENTS;
>> +               dbg_contents_var=${dbg_contents_var/#[0-9]/_}
>>                 __step "${PN}-debuginfo-${PVR}.tar.xz";
>> in lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart should fix it.
> or just prefix var name with "_":
> 		[ -d ${autoloaddir} ] || autoloaddir=
> -		local dbg_contents_var=${PN//[-+\.]/_}_debuginfo_CONTENTS;
> +		local dbg_contents_var=_${PN//[-+\.]/_}_debuginfo_CONTENTS;

That would run against the naming convention cygport assumes and thus
break all cygport files that make use of them (which probably are just a
a handful, but the breakage is easy enough to avoid).

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