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Re: cygport fails with package starting with number

Marco Atzeri writes:
> It seems that the behaviour of cygport is changed recently
> and rebuilding the 4ti2 package fails on the name 4ti2.

Introduced by a3997ae7ac, which constructs a variable whose name starts
with the package name.  However, a leading number does not result in a
valid identifier.  So if such package names must be supported then the
substitution made earlier (replacing invalid characters from the name by
an underscore) also needs to handle that particular case.  So something

                local dbg_contents_var=${PN//[-+\.]/_}_debuginfo_CONTENTS;
+               dbg_contents_var=${dbg_contents_var/#[0-9]/_}
                __step "${PN}-debuginfo-${PVR}.tar.xz";

in lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart should fix it.

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