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cygport fails with package starting with number

It seems that the behaviour of cygport is changed recently
and rebuilding the 4ti2 package fails on the name 4ti2.

Or is a bash change ?

cygport --debug 4ti2.cygport package

>>> 4ti2-debuginfo-1.6.7-2.tar.xz
+ mkdir -p
/usr/share/cygport/lib/pkg_pkg.cygpart: line 197:
4ti2_debuginfo_CONTENTS: bad substitution
+ tee
+ error 'Debuginfo package creation failed: 4ti2-debuginfo'
+ case $? in
+ local errorcode=1
+ echo -e '\e[1;31m*** ERROR:\e[0;0m Debuginfo package creation failed:
*** ERROR: Debuginfo package creation failed: 4ti2-debuginfo
+ exit 1
+ _status=1
+ ((  _status != 0  ))
+ break
+ exit 1

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