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Re: bzip.org

On 9/21/2018 11:33 AM, cyg Simple wrote:
> Sadly our beloved http://www.bzip.org has hit the bit bucket.  Does
> anyone know where upstream support for bzip2 went?

I've created a SF project, uploaded the 1.0.6 pristine source file and
created a SF git repository for that source.  I would like others to
help manage this project, anyone interested please contact me directly.
I didn't think this precious source code should just lay in wait for
other wolves and just took the initiative to keep it publicly available
and open.  I don't think we should worry with a web URL at the moment
since SF provides a wiki with its projects.  In 3 days the uploaded file
has been downloaded 15 times so there is definitely interest it this

cyg Simple

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