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Re: pinentry-curses not available?

Am 02.11.2018 um 20:47 schrieb David Dombrowsky:
I don't see a way to download `pinentry-curses` or `pinentry-tty` for
use with `gpg-agent` (using gnupg v2).  Are these not maintained?  Or
am I just looking at the wrong sources?

In any case, I got pinentry-1.1.0 to compile against a cygwin-supplied
version of ncurses, and it mostly works (you still need to tell it to
not detach from the tty, not sure what's up with that).

can you clarify ?
May be it was the reason why I and Yaakov found it not functional

This is very
useful when signing git commits, and removing the need for a graphical
console just to input my gpg passphrase.

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