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Re: Python 3.7.1

On 10/31/18, Noah Andrew wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry if this has been answered somewhere already - I checked the
> FAQ/StackExchange/Quora and didn't find anything, so coming to the mailing
> list as a last resort. I was wondering if it's possible to install the
> latest version of python for Cygwin - all I can find right now is 3.6.4. I
> can't find it in the library, but is it possible to still use the new
> version somehow? Maybe routing it to a different python installation or
> somehow installing from command line?

Get the source code and 'make && make install'

I don't know what or if anything else in cygwin depends on python.  If
the latest version is not quite compatible with the cygwin supplied
version it'd probably be best to install to a non-standard location so
they don't conflict .. and make it easier to throw away when cygwin
comes out with that or a later version.


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