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Re: urgent help for tool

Am 24.10.2018 um 22:49 schrieb Andrey Repin:
> Greetings, Stefan Baur!
>> if you can either get hold of the current mailing list's subscriber
>> list, to auto-subscribe everyone to a new list, or you are able change
>> the current mailinglist's address to, say, cygwin-ml@xxxxxxxxxx, you
>> could set up an autoresponder at cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx instead.
> That's a long shot, but… given the increased traffic of this noise, it may be
> an option.

A less disruptive approach would be just a) switch this list from
anybody-can-post to subscribers-only, at least for the time being, and
then b) put the FAQ pointers about FAST_CWD prominently into the
auto-reply for non-subscribed users.  At the very least this would have
the benefit of not breaking the continuity of the mailing list archives.

All this based on two assumptions I cannot vouch for:

1) that ezmlm even has the requisite functionality
2) that totally uncontrolled access to the primry mailing list is not on
someone's list of non-negotiable requirements

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