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Re: urgent help for tool

Am 23.10.18 um 09:55 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
>> It doesn't help for the old versions of cygwin that are being
>> reported. That's why they're getting that message—because it's an old
>> version.  They're not spamming, they're doing exactly what the message
>> told them to do. The message was unfortunate from the get-go.
> Indeed.  It seemd like a good idea at the time...
>> Now that has come up yet again, I do wonder if the mailing list
>> software could somehow trap an unquoted FAST_CWD message and just
>> reply with a message that includes a link to the FAQ entry, rather
>> than send the message onto the list. Probably more trouble than it's
>> worth.
> We're just users of the sourceware infrastructure.  What we could try
> by ourselves is to create an automated reply.  The mail and the
> automated reply would still hit the mailing list, but nobody would
> have to bother to reply anymore.  This could even be a simple
> procmail filter.  I'll look into it (but will need time).

Now this may be a nasty hack, buuuut ...

if you can either get hold of the current mailing list's subscriber
list, to auto-subscribe everyone to a new list, or you are able change
the current mailinglist's address to, say, cygwin-ml@xxxxxxxxxx, you
could set up an autoresponder at cygwin@xxxxxxxxxx instead.

That autoresponder would then point people at the FAQ entry, and also
contain a message that the mailing list has moved to the new address.

Kind Regards,
Stefan Baur

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