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Re: Multiple problems (probably) starting up new installation

On 10/21/2018 6:24 PM, Michael Enright wrote:
> I have a few files that I want to compile and run in a new Windows 10 setup.
> I setup cygwin64 and copied the files to a subdirectory of my home directory.
> I noticed that my prompt indicated that my home directory was
> "/home/Mike Enright". I decided that in the long run that would be
> bad.
> So I followed a tip from Stack Overflow [1]to use /etc/passwd to fix
> this. Apparently the idea is to map the Windows SID to my desired user
> name "menright" instead of "\"Mike Enright\"".
> And also rename the created home directory accordingly.
> So now I have /home/menright and some files under there and
> /etc/password contains a line that maps an SID to menright.

Rather than using /etc/passwd just create another account as menright
and install Cygwin in the global user space.  I have 3 accounts on my
system and use three files to login to one or the other one.  Advantage
is that you can separate different projects based on user.

<file name="/usr/local/bin/start">
#! /bin/bash
cmd /c start `cygpath -w -- "${@//&/^&}"`

<file name="/usr/local/bin/sudosu">
#! /bin/sh
start sudosu.bat $1

<file name="/usr/local/bin/sudosu.bat">
c:\windows\system32\runas /user:%1  "c:\opt\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -e
/usr/bin/bash -il"

sudosu menright
sudosu '"Mike Enright"'

cyg Simple

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