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Re: Multiple problems (probably) starting up new installation

Greetings, Michael Enright!

>> > ----rwx---+ 1 menright Mike Enright     0 Oct 21 15:02 CMakeLists.txt
>> the "+" says that there's extended ACL present. So, nothing odd.

> The Windows view of this set of permissions (070 plus whatever is in
> the rest of the ACL)

This is NOT "windows" view, this is Cygwin view.
For ACL, check getfacl <file>.

> seems to be that Windows programs can't do very
> much with this file.

See my previous note about setting noacl flag to increase interoperability
with native programs.

> So it's odd from that POV and I wonder if that was caused by my renaming the
> "Cygwin account".

I'm not clear on how exactly renaming was done, so can't comment.

> Using cacls I see the
> Windows username in some of the entries and I don't see the cygwin
> username in any. I know that I can get a workable ACL with chmod but I
> can see that executables built by the compiler are not executable,
> either by name from cygwin bash or by double click from Windows
> Explorer. This is the first few lines from cacls:
> $ cacls moneymaker
> C:\cygwin64\home\menright\moneymaker NULL SID:(DENY)(special access:)
>                                               READ_CONTROL
>                                               FILE_READ_EA
>                                               FILE_WRITE_EA
>                                               FILE_EXECUTE
>                                               FILE_DELETE_CHILD

This is normal (documented) behavior for less-than-trivial permission setups.
However, without a full dump of cacls it's hard to judge correctness of the
ACL on a given file.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, October 22, 2018 14:58:59

Sorry for my terrible english...

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