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Re: Multiple problems (probably) starting up new installation

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 3:50 PM Andrey Repin  wrote:
> I would actually suggest renaming the system user, if possible.

All my previous setups used a silly name like "Mike" that was not
linked to a Microsoft account but still chosen automatically, or my
preferred username "menright" if I noticed the chance to set the name
myself during initial Windows setup. These setups don't seem to have
been as difficult to get started with.

It seems like everyone who faces this (based on more extensive
searching starting from your suggestion to rename the account) ends up
creating a local account with a well-chosen name.  The data have to be
transferred from one account to the other if there is anything to
transfer. The advantages, if there are any, of a link to a Microsoft
account apparently can be achieved by linking the local account to the
desired Microsoft account  after the local account is set up. I don't
see anything about actually renaming the account.

This seems like a good place to start:

> > ----rwx---+ 1 menright Mike Enright     0 Oct 21 15:02 CMakeLists.txt
> the "+" says that there's extended ACL present. So, nothing odd.

The Windows view of this set of permissions (070 plus whatever is in
the rest of the ACL) seems to be that Windows programs can't do very
much with this file. So it's odd from that POV and I wonder if that
was caused by my renaming the "Cygwin account". Using cacls I see the
Windows username in some of the entries and I don't see the cygwin
username in any. I know that I can get a workable ACL with chmod but I
can see that executables built by the compiler are not executable,
either by name from cygwin bash or by double click from Windows
Explorer. This is the first few lines from cacls:
$ cacls moneymaker
C:\cygwin64\home\menright\moneymaker NULL SID:(DENY)(special access:)

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