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Multiple problems (probably) starting up new installation

I have a few files that I want to compile and run in a new Windows 10 setup.
I setup cygwin64 and copied the files to a subdirectory of my home directory.
I noticed that my prompt indicated that my home directory was
"/home/Mike Enright". I decided that in the long run that would be
So I followed a tip from Stack Overflow [1]to use /etc/passwd to fix
this. Apparently the idea is to map the Windows SID to my desired user
name "menright" instead of "\"Mike Enright\"".
And also rename the created home directory accordingly.
So now I have /home/menright and some files under there and
/etc/password contains a line that maps an SID to menright.

Due to a problem out of scope of this list Eclipse launches notepad
when I want to edit CMakeLists.txt. Then Notepad says "You do not have
permission to open this file"

I noticed "ls -l CMakeLists.txt" gets:
----rwx---+ 1 menright Mike Enright     0 Oct 21 15:02 CMakeLists.txt
It's really odd that the user permissions are zero.

So I want notepad to have permission to open this file on my behalf.
Oddly I made a file called "me" with touch and I was able to edit that
with notepad.

I would also ask any advice. I fear that this permissions issue is due
to some underlying issue that I need to nip in the bud before I get
too much work done.

I think I'd also like to have my personal group "Mike Enright" renamed
to "menright" just to be sane.

[1] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19613654/rename-change-cygwin-username

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