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Re: Broken file in ALL cygwin mirrors report! socat-debuginfo

On Sat, 20 Oct 2018 16:59:16, Marco Atzeri wrote:

> However setup requires an empty compressed tar file.
> there are several empty tar of size "32" byte in the
> repository
> for 64 bit
> $ grep ^install setup.ini | grep " 32 " | wc -l
> 300

tar file?

... uhm, just as an additional note to your post:

64-@@ grep ^install: setup.ini | grep " 108 " | wc -l
(real tar files (empty), compressed using xz)

If the empty "tar file" is created like this:

64-@@ touch empty.tar (an empty file, but not a tarball!)
64-@@ xz empty.tar

one will get files of size 32 bytes ...


64-@@ tar cJf empty.tar.xz --files-from=/dev/null
      (or: tar cJfT empty.tar.bz2 /dev/null)

one will get files of size 108 bytes (of real tar files).

The latter ones will properly untar, but not the files of size 32.

(yes, in both cases, no files will be produced)


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