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Broken file in ALL cygwin mirrors report! socat-debuginfo

Hi, recently I have been trying to download/install all current  ("default") cygwin packages  aka do so called full install (yes, I know it advised not to do so, however it is only for testing  purposes/statistics). All went well except THIS ONLY bad file socat-debuginfo- located in "(mirror)\x86_64\release\socat  This particular file is 0 (zero) bytes size across ALL mirrors, and the cygwin istaller reports  error during install ("Can't open file for reading (...) Unrecognisable file format").   Please if someone could fix this error or forward this message to proper person.   P.S.: I have done only "current" version test - there may be some other broken zero  lenght files across mirrors in the past or future packages, but I haven't checked that.

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