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Re: cygwin/acl.h not included from sys/acl.h

On Oct 18 08:30, matthew patton via cygwin wrote:
> Many of the headers in 'sys' include their counterparts from 'cygwin'.
> Why is acl.h special? I see the comment on line 25 but I'm missing the
> point, I guess - not seeing the collisions.

Not collisions, namespace poisoning.  cygwin/acl.h defines the
old Solaris macros and function calls, but a POSIX application
should be free to use functions like "acl" by itself.

> 'cygwin/acl.h' is a very important file.

No, it isn't, if you're using POSIX ACLs.

> Granted I don't normally
> compile much from source under Cygwin but I was building my own (very
> slightly) modified RSYNC and stumbled across the missing dependency.
> What is the correct solution if the 1-liner fix to sys/acl.h is not
> acceptable? 

Build rsync with POSIX ACL support.  It's already in the sources.  It's
very likely that a simple autoconf (or autoreconf if you build from repo
sources) will do.


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