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Re: Distributing program compiled with gcc on Cygwin to Windows users

On 10/14/2018 5:20 PM, hackerwiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a program that uses X11/Motif and runs fine, within Cygwin/X on the PC it was compiled on.
> What is the *minimum* required set of Cygwin libs and any other files I need to distribute along with, it to end-users who may just have Windows (and not Cygwin) installed?
> I appreciate your help.
> "ldd " on my program gives these dependencies listed below:

As far as Cygwin is concerned the list can be obtained via `ldd FOO.EXE
| grep /usr/bin'.  You can determine what else is needed by the
following rooted procedure.  Change ROOTED and FOO.EXE to match what you
desire to name it.

$ mkdir -p /cygdrive/c/ROOTED/{bin,tmp,home,etc}
$ for FILE in `ldd FOO.EXE | grep /usr/bin`; do
$ cp ${FILE} /cygdrive/c/ROOTED/bin
$ done

cd -d c:\ROOTED\bin

You should be able to use XMing for the clients X Windows manager but
has already been noted you still need to connect to an X client.  You
will need to insure the DISPLAY variable is set appropriately for
FOO.EXE to communicate to the X server in CMD.EXE.

cyg Simple

P.S. Remember to follow the license requirements of each of the
distributed packages.

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