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Re: Distributing program compiled with gcc on Cygwin to Windows users

Greetings, Hans-Bernhard Bröker!

>> I have a program that uses X11/Motif and runs fine, within Cygwin/X on the
>> PC it was compiled on.
>> What is the *minimum* required set of Cygwin libs and any other files I
>> need to distribute along with, it to end-users who may just have Windows
>> (and not Cygwin) installed?

> I'm reasonably sure that that minimum set would effectively have to be
> an actual Cygwin installation.  You'll need an X server, and that
> requires a pretty complete Unix tool environment.

> And that Cygwin environment will generally not transfer successfully
> from one machine to another by just copying files.  You really have to
> run the Cygwin setup program.

> And that's before we consider what might happen to users who actually
> _do_ already have a Cygwin installation on their machines.  Are you
> prepared to explain to them why you interfered with those?

Bottom line is, you are better off hosting your own Cygwin repository with
your program and tell your clients how to set things up to pull it.

> Documentation:         http://cygwin.com/docs.html
as well as setup --help.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, October 15, 2018 23:05:30

Sorry for my terrible english...