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Re: Cygwin windows won't close

Am 10.10.2018 um 08:37 schrieb Thomas Wolff:

Am 09.10.2018 um 20:46 schrieb Marco Atzeri:
Am 09.10.2018 um 19:22 schrieb Ziegelmiller, Lyle(AWF) via cygwin:
Then I don't see much of the cause for such a behavior from Cygwin side. May be other software interfering. Do you have a particularly zealous "antivirus", pehaps?

We're using "Symantec Endpoint Protection", Version 14.

I could see an anti-virus program preventing the execution of a Cygwin window, but not the closing of one.

I have seen Symantec in the past creating such problems.
Probably they inject something in the call sequence.
Which brings me to this suggestions: Please try option ConfirmExit=false, does the behaviour change?
Despite pending response to my diagnostic request, it can well be that the start of `ps` to construct the process list shown with the exit confirmation has this effect. I've uploaded a patch to avoid it, constructing the list internally from /proc, to the mintty repository.

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