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BIND 9_11_p1 Compiling From Cygwin Source

Hello Everyone,

Nowadays, Im trying to many cyfwin package.
I lookfor a dns server, i notice bind9 and i found a pacakage in cygwin.
Everythin is ok but cygwin support binary package and source.
Binary package is working very well but when i try to compile from source
"cygport bind.cygport all"
doesnt compile,
first i fix "--with-libxml2=/usr/include/libxml2"
then i install may db package
after then i take an error " stringprep.h: No such file or directory"
What is the problem with cygwin enviroment ?

Thanks My Best Regards,
R&D Engineer in Embedded Systems
Master Student at Gebze Institute Of Technology
Department Of Electronic Engineering
GSM : 0(545) 764 7653
e-mail: onurgursoygyte@xxxxxxxxx

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