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Re: Cygwin fails to utilize Unicode replacement character

On Mon, 03 Sep 2018 15:15:26, Steven Penny wrote:
Expanding on the "Notepad" example, "Notepad" default font is "Lucida
Console", which doesnt have U+FFFD either. However pasting into "Notepad" will
still show U+FFFD properly because "Tahoma" has U+FFFD and "Notepad" can
utilize composite font, while it appears "cmd.exe" and similar cannot.


I should correct myself. "cmd.exe" can do this, its called Font Linking:


it allows you to pick a "base font", for example "Consolas". Then you can link
another font that has U+FFFD, like "Tahoma". Ideally both fonts would be
monospace, but it seems Windows has no builtin monospace font with U+FFFD.

Then when a missing character is encountered, it will pull from the linked font
if possible.

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