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Re: setup-x86.exe v2.893 has stopped working

On 03/10/2018 16:40, Keith Christian wrote:
Finished building setup.exe using the
http://sourceware.org/git/cygwin-apps/setup.git source.

10/03/2018  07:45 AM        23,423,478 setup-2.893.x86.dbg
10/03/2018  08:57 AM        29,231,233 setup.exe  (version
2.893-3-ge084ed (32 bit)) in the splash screen.

setup.exe aborts at approximately the same point, while parsing
setup.ini.  When it aborts I see a windows dialog box offering to send
Microsoft more info about the problem, which I denied.

To proceed, I need a bit of help in the basics of gdb to continue

If you've build setup.exe from source using the default make target (i.e. 'make' rather than 'make strip' or 'make upx'), then the built executable is unstripped and contains symbols (so you don't need the .dbg file; which corresponds to a different build in any case...)

Something like the following should work:

gdb setup.exe
[reproduce crash]
bt full

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