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Newly launched - Materials Research International - Journal Invitation to Submit Research Articles

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Prof.Dr. cygwin
Subject : New International Materials Research Journal Invitation to Submit Original Articles

Dear Prof.Dr. cygwin,

The American Publishing House is seeking articles that are original, of high-quality, and that represent complete studies and scientific developments
in the field of materials science The research work should be of general interest to the public or the scientific community. It should have a
significant potential impact, and it should be of a high standard quality.
Materials Research International ( http://theamphpub.science/index.php?option=com_acymailing&ctrl=url&subid=19155&urlid=3&mailid=40 ) is an
international, peer-reviewed, subscription based journal that aims to publish the latest research in the field of materials science. The journal
publishes Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Symposia or Topical Collections, Spotlights in the field of materials science.
Topics include but not limited to Biological, Biomechanical and Biomedical Materials, Functional Materials, including Shape Memory Materials, Self
Healing Materials, Light Emitting Material, Magnetic Material, Materials Chemistry, Metals and Alloys, Rubber/Elastomeric Materials, Semiconductor
Materials, Textile Materials, Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials including Nanostructured and Nanoscale Materials, Nanosensors, Nanostructured Materials,
Organic Materials, Composite Materials, Fibers and Matrix Materials, Thin Film and Coatings, Electrical and Electronics Materials, Physics, Chemistry,
Mechanics and Applications in Materials Science .
Details regarding journal such as Periodicity, Guidelines for Authors, Manuscript Submission Procedure, Research Integrity, Key features of journal,
Publishing Policies, Ethics and Malpractice Statement, Aims & Scope, Publication Process can be found at journal's home page.
Key Features of Journal

- Publishes original, of high-quality manuscripts
- Electronic submission, no postal charges
- Chargeless publication
- Double-blind peer-reviewed
- DOI will assign to all published articles
- Available in Print and Online versions
- Chargeless E-reprints
- International peer-reviewed journal
- Assures 15 days peer-review process and 15 days for publication after acceptance

The Process of Publishing
Publication process at TAPH is carried out in an absolutely ethical manner. We abide by the rules laid down by COPE. We have a systematic approach of
functioning. We have a set of rules that we follow to accept the proposals and convert them into publications. All the proposals received by us
undergo a rigorous assessment process, where the experts refine the content prior to publication. Also, our experts take proper care to avoid any sort
of plagiarism in the content that we publish. Once, the experts refine the content, only then the proposals go for getting published. Also, we
correspond to the authors to keep them updated regarding the status of their proposal. Once, the proposal gets converted to a publication, we lay it
open for the readers in the printed as well as online format.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
The American Publishing House (TAPH) ensures high standards and quality by following strict ethical policies and by meticulous peer review. TAPH
follows the COPE Flowcharts, according to the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), for resolving the suspected malpractice
cases. Malpractices include practicing plagiarism, data usage frauds, or bogus claims of authorship. TAPH, henceforth, expects its editors, reviewers,
and authors to follow the best guidelines on ethical practices. Read More>> (
http://theamphpub.science/index.php?option=com_acymailing&ctrl=url&subid=19155&urlid=4&mailid=40 )
I sincerely hope you will accept our invitation and will publish your valuable research work .
If you have any questions regarding journal or how to submit manuscripts (
http://theamphpub.science/index.php?option=com_acymailing&ctrl=url&subid=19155&urlid=5&mailid=40 ) , please mail us at contact[at]theamph[dot]com .

Andy Somath
The American Publishing House
Website ( http://theamphpub.science/index.php?option=com_acymailing&ctrl=url&subid=19155&urlid=6&mailid=40 )

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