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python "[Errno 27] File too large" on samba share


I use Borg backup  to save somes files on a network samba share.
It's a backup program writen in python 3, who work on unix platforms. I=
t run fine on cygwin.

I have a bug on cygwin 32bit version only (on 32bit windows 7 computer)=
, this not happen on 64bit version

I mount the nas smb share with :
net use W: \\\backup
It's a smb version 1.0 protocol.

When Borg try to write the index file on smb share it fail with [Errno =
27] File too large error
I tested with cygwin 64 and ubuntu 32&64 version on the same samba serv=
er and no error happen

An issue is open on borgbackup repo with some trace of the error 


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