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Re: Creation of weird WINDOWS-related (sub)directories

Am 25.09.2018 um 17:16 schrieb Fergus:

Unintentionally I have confounded the discussion. The directory named
"consoleX" is my home-grown Cygwin root directory.
(Others' preferred locationname might be "cygwin" or "mycygwin" or

That does not explain anything, actually. Cygwin's own root directory is always '/'. The one you speak of would be the windows-side installation root directory (c:\cygwin or c:\cygwin64 by default), but that would never show up like that from inside cygwin. I.e. while you do have


that will not show up as


but rather as


The directory %SystemDrive% occurs at the root of the Cygwin filesystem.
I cannot work out what activity has triggered it .. ..

A look at the creation time of the directory might provide insightful.

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