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Re: Mutt and gpg 1.4

On 9/19/2018 7:49 PM, cyg Simple wrote:
On 9/19/2018 11:51 AM, john doe wrote:

When I install 'mutt' through command line '... --packages mutt ...' it
gpg-1.4.23 is installed as dependency.

I rather use gpg4win already installed on my host.

How can I remove gpg-1.4.23 and all related dependencies through command
line or how can I prevent, through command line, 'gpg' from being
installed when installing mutt?

I can say from experience that the two do not mix well.  The file
permissions and locking between the two distributions of gpg do not lend
to coexistence.  Rather you should be sure to use an export->import
process to keep the two databases in sync.  Do not point your Windows
GPG port and your Cygwin gpg to the same database.

Aside from what I've mentioned in the above, Cygwin mutt is tied to
Cygwin gpg via the library interface so you can't get rid of it.  You
just need to keep the two DB happily in sync which may not be an easy
process if both are adding to their DB, you'll need to export both, add
the differences to one export and import to both.

Reading this thread, and given the fact that "gnupg" is not officially supported on Cygwin.
That left me with two options:

1)  Use cygwinnized gnupg
2)  use gpg4win and enigmail

Any thoughts?

Thanks to "Marco Atzeri" and "Doug Henderson" for their answers and "cyg Simple" for the above.

John Doe

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