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Re: continued acl problems

On 9/7/2018 2:26 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, L A Walsh!

In all of these cases it appears that the problem is with directories.

At first thought it was related to presence of 'TRUSTED USER'

But I saw some 'flakeyness' on domain ID's,
where I saw it display the correct text for them,
but scrolling down to look for problems, and back up had the
permissions dialog showing the raw numbers for my domain ID's, but
scrolling again showed them as Domain\ID.

Do you have cygserver running?
	Well....rt now, not sure...hmmm
I should have had it running, as it's part of my startXwin.sh
script which I run manually at start of every session, but
did an update and had to kill off most or all of the cygstuff.

	But restarted 'X', which used to -- should have restarted
it but, looking didn't see it in process list and trying the
same command manually gave an error:

cygrunsrv -n -O -S -d messagebus cygserver
cygrunsrv: --neverexits is only allowed with --install

So I look at help and install is for installing a new service

So I look at what services are installed:

cygrunsrv.exe -L

Looks like the cygserver is already installed...

Looking in the services control panel, I see cygserver, messagebus and syslogd, but syslogd won't stay running.

Since I just ran the cygrunsrv command above, not sure if that
started it or not.
If I specify two services on the command line, should it
have started both? with the same 'cygrunsrv'?  They are set
to start on system boot, but after the cyg-upgrade, they were likely killed and restarting 'X' likely didn't restart anything because of the error. Because cygserver won't let you start syslogd unless stderr isn't a TTY, I have to send cygserver's error off to /dev/null, so I wouldn't have seen any errors.
So...am guessing it wasn't running, but may be now (not sure
why syslogd isn't running -- will have to check that out later.

But for now, will have to see if this reoccurs ....

Thanks for the possible cause! ;-)

Gotta love SW!

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